The Official Goods of Thundercat, Marking His Upcoming Japan Tour, To Be Available at TOKION

【Update】The host has announced the postponement of Thundercat’s Postponed Japan Tour once again due to the extension of emergency declaration and restrictions imposed on venue capacity. Please check out the official website for further information. 

At the 63rd Grammy Awards that took place in March, Stephen Bruner—well known as Thundercat—has won The Best Progressive R&B Album for his album, It Is What It Is. The album—co-produced with his ally, Flying Lotus—is a lavish opus featuring guests including Childish Gambino, Kamasi Washington, and Lil B.
Bruner is also known as a huge fan of Japanese culture and anime; as one of his famous episodes, “Tokyo” MV was filmed in Japan expressing his love towards the Japanese culture.

The anticipated Japan tour of the most prolific, popular and important artist extolled all over the world—which, by the way, has been postponed twice—is scheduled at the end of June. Subsequently after we heard the announcement of the tour, we have decided to release the artist’s highly coveted official goods.

This time, the merch comes in two different styles—a T-shirt and a long sleeve T-shirt —with a flamboyant photo printed on the front: It is a sarcastic design imbued with Thundercat’s character with the word “POSTPONED” printed across the photo.

As well as the long-awaited Japan tour, don’t miss out the official goods of the artist highly praised in fashion. The goods will be available from May 29th at TOKiON the STORE and TOKION’s official online store. Also, be sure to check out BEATINK’s official website for the Grammy award winning album, It Is What It Is, which now comes with an exclusive hologram sticker.

Thundercat Stephen Bruner
Born in 1984, from Los Angeles California, USA. A musician and music producer. In 2011, he has released The Golden Age of Apocalypse from the record label led by Flying Lotus—Brainfeeder—and officially started his solo career. He has released four albums so far, and the latest album, It Is What It Is has won The Best Progressive R&B Album at the 63rd Grammy Awards.

Artist: Thundercat
June 30th, 2021 Tokyo @THE GARDEN HALL(POSTPONED)
July 1st, 2021 Osaka @BIGCAT(POSTPONED)
July 2nd, 2021 Nagoya @CLUB QUATTRO(POSTPONED)
Open 5:30PM / Start 6:30PM
Ticket (Presale ticket): General Admission ¥6,800 (tax incl./drink ticket will be charged at the door)
Information: BEATINK

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