Yukako Yajima

Yukako Yajima is a music editor and writer. In university, she edited and wrote for a free music magazine and worked with FM802, a radio station. After graduating from the Department of Media, Journalism, and Communications, the Faculty of Social Studies, at Doshisha University, she joined a talent agency and worked as an artist manager, and nurtured new talent. She then became the associate editor of CINRA.NET, a cultural media company. Since 2020, as a “music editor,” she observes the times and uses people, words, videos, photos, knowledge, spaces, and social media to expand artists’ uniqueness and universe and create content that would reach the audience. She also runs a social media app, interviews people, writes about different types of music and cultural media, and creates official content for artists. Twitter:@yukako210 Instagram:@yukakoyajima_works