Japanese ceramic artist, Akiko Hirai, displays her work at JW Anderson’s flagship store in London

Ceramic artist, Akiko Hirai and Russian artist, Ivan Kochkarev have been on display at JW Anderson’s flagship store in Soho, London, since December 9th. Creative director, Jonathan Anderson, selected each piece in the exhibition titled “Setting a Hare in the China Shop.”

Akiko Hirai is a ceramic artist with a studio in the London suburb of Stoke Newington and uses Japanese ceramics techniques to create contemporary works such as decorative artwork and crockery. Commenting on the exhibition, Jonathan Anderson said, “I have followed Akiko Hirai’s work for many years, and I was honored that she readily accepted the project. We wanted to do something special and decided to display items based on the idea of drinking culture in the Soho area. This store opened in March of this year to create a place of culture but was forced to close in short order due to the coronavirus. Then, I had lengthy discussions with Akiko Hirai about my plans, and I am excited to finally see it come to fruition. The display pieces are really beautiful.”

Her work features a mix of ceramic and porcelain and can only be purchased at flagship stores. Over 25 pieces are on display, including beer mugs, whiskey tumblers, Choko sake cups, and a variety of vases inspired by the Soho nightlife.

Also, set designer Ivan Kochkarev exhibition in “Setting a Hare in the China Shop” includes 2 oil paintings named “Soho Hares” as well as “Squirrel 1” and “Squirrel 2.” The exhibition is open until December 20th (or earlier if all the art is sold).



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