“TOKION” has been renewed. “TOKiON the STORE”, a shop that utilizes digital media and E-commerce, opened in Miyashita Park.

The culture media “TOKION”, which was first published in 1996, was renewed. Under the theme of “Sending the Japan’s cutting-edge culture to the world”, the magazine is published mainly on digital media with E-Commerce, and the shop “TOKiON the STORE” is opened in “RAYARD MIYASHITA PARK” in Shibuya.

“TOKION” is a multi-faceted platform in this Post-Truth and Post-COVIT-19 era.  It consists of digital media, magazine, E-Commerce, and a concept shop “TOKiON the STORE.”

The year 2020 created both physical and mental distance among people.  With its strong belief that art, fashion and culture are the most essential elements for our living, “TOKION” delivers them with its multi-faceted and unique perspectives.

At the crossroad of all sorts of fashion and culture, Tokyo-the largest city in Asia- has always created new values and vogue by creatively combining thoughts and actions.  Japanese have always found something new from what already exists, through revealing new facets or through re-definition.

Listening to the “Sound of now” and watching “Now”, “TOKION” delivers the cutting-edge of reality to the world from Tokyo where the tradition and modern are inter-woven.

Digital Media × E-Commerce

We are launching Media-Commerce, which is the integration of media and commerce.  It is a new value proposition where readers’ sensations / feelings with the contents’ theme / story / context converge to the act of consumption.  Goods being delivered as a result of consuming digital media probably sets a totally new concept of consumption.  Delivery outside of Japan available.  E-commerce site is in Japanese and English (more languages to follow).


To be published irregularly.  The first issue features “OBSERVE” where eight individuals including Pierre Soulages, Tadanori Yokoo, and a comedian “Croket” reevaluate the ordinary day-to-day life and make new discoveries.  It comes in an original box with six booklets and three posters.


“TOKiON the STORE” will be open on the 28th of July in the RAYARD MIYASHITA PARK.  The store has collaboration items with local and international artists and media contents-related items. “TOKiON the STORE” is on the 2F in the North of RAYARD MIYASHITA PARK. Our curator, Creative Director Daisuke Gemma, selected various original items such as clothing and sundries as well as collaboration items with local and international brands and artists.  You would be thrilled to see the embodiment of Japan’s cutting-edge culture in any of these items.



Born in Tokyo in July 2020. With the theme of “The message of Japanese cutting edge culture to the world," We have been working in music, art, photography, in addition to all genres of culture, including fashion, beauty, and food, the social stance to communicate with readers. And digital media, magazines and e-stores. We will transmit information from Tokyo, the center of Japanese culture to the world.