Rapper, WILYWNKA, models limited edition items for the 2nd anniversary of Calvin Klein’s Shinsai-Bashi store

Calvin Klein’s Shinsai-Bashi store celebrates its second anniversary. The store has gained support from the younger generation, mainly on popular lines such as jeans and underwear, as well as a wide variety of accessories.
To celebrate its second anniversary, two sweatshirt and T-shirt designs with abstract images of Osaka’s Shinsai-Bashi and katakana characters unique to Japan, will be released on September 19.
The latest look with these items will also be shown. The model is Osaka based rapper, WILYWNKA, with photographs shot in Osaka by HOUMI SAKATA, a Tokyo-based photographer who trained in London. The stylist is Kenichi Hiramoto who has mainly worked on many brand visuals for men.

WILYWNKA, an energetic rapper with a shining future, is active as a unit with producer GeG and reggae DJ VIGORMAN as well as the group, Hentai Shinshi Club. As a model, he said, “I’m glad that the limited editions will be underwear from a brand that I usually use. Also, the designs show the best scenes of Osaka. Congratulations on the 2nd anniversary. And thank you for the photo shoot!!”
The limited-edition items can be purchased at the store or from the cash-on-delivery service.



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