A magazine focusing on German music was launched with a theme of “German Wall” created by a Japanese female editor.

Japanese female editor, Yukiko Yamane, will launch RISIKO, a Japanese-English bilingual media specializing in the German underground and alternative music scene, in December. It will act as a repository of German musicians and the music scene and introduce that music to other countries, as well as being a place for musicians to exchange music and culture regardless of age or genre.

We have a themed special feature at the beginning of each issue. The theme for the first issue is “WALL” Looking at the German music scene, which continues to develop in its own unique way without much influence from outside, we asked a group of 30 musicians living in Germany if they think there is still a wall in the German music scene. They reveal the invisible walls of the German music scene and the hopes and energy that blossom there. The interviews and contributions in the series delve into the private lives and memories of legends and up-coming stars. We also have a film column by the Japanese Krautrock Band and Minami Deutsch front man,  Kyotaro Miula, as well as pen-pal comics between Oska Wald (Chuckamuck) and Cony Plankton (Tawings). 

Yamane said, “It’s been eight years since I moved here in 2012, and the thought of launching a music media company never crossed my mind. Germany has an image of techno and metal, so I didn’t know German rock had such an interesting history and culture.” Although she was originally a music lover, through her work as a writer, conducting interviews with musicians and interacting with them in private, the course of her work became clear.

The first publication came about after an acquaintance showed me the 1980’s cult music fanzine “OBSCUR” which only published 5 issues. In vol. 4, which featured Berlin, Blixa Bargeld of Einstürzende Neubauten said in the interview, “I don’t think our music is understood at all. Einstürzende Neubauten is a highly regarded band in Germany along with DAF (Deutch-Amerikanische Freundschaft) and CAN, who were previously successful overseas with record deals in the UK as well as live events in America and elsewhere. 

Yamane continues, “The German music scene has a focus on rock but doesn’t get much time in the spotlight. When I mention Blixa’s comment from OBSCUR 36 years ago, many people still say that nothing has changed. The reasons vary from German history to the language barrier, but the unseen blank space in the music scene remains. I think it’s interesting that original music and culture is born. There has been no major movement since Krautrock, Neue Deutsche Welle and Hamburger Schule, yet something may come up in the future if we dig into our favorite scenes. Through RISIKO, I want to introduce the world to their direct, unique music and culture and I hope it will serve as a place for new exchange that transcends the generations and nationalities in Japan.”  Here are some quotes from 30 artists in the RISIKO special feature.

Damo Suzuki

‘… it’s a worthwhile aim for RISIKO to only write about things that other magazines don’t talk about. We don’t have to read information that we already know–it’s just like having one’s life on repeat.’

Melissa E. Logan (Chicks on Speed)

A time will come where we won’t be endlessly laying low, reading anything we get our hands on. But while this is still the case, why not support our independent journalists? And why not free the jailed ones whilst we’re at it? Yes, media is a weapon– the truth is dangerous! And a big thank you to those that take the risk. RISIKO.

Mary Ocher

The new RISIKO publication is helping to preserve the legacy of underground culture by connecting legendary artists of the last two generations with the younger ones. Whilst the influence of their predecessors can still be felt, the younger artists are simultaneously carving out a contemporary path of their own.

Isolation Berlin

“No RISIKO, no fun“

Kyotaro Miula  (Minami Deutsch)

I have a deep feeling for paper magazines and I’m proud that Yukiko was able to publish one. I’m also looking forward to my short column on movies.

In addition, a crowdfunding campaign for the first issue is now being held until November 29. The collected funds will be used for the production of the first issue, and the supporters will receive original tote bags and T-shirts in return. The first issue is scheduled to be released in Germany in December and in Japan in January

Yukiko Yamane
Born in Hiroshima Prefecture, she moved to Berlin in 2012.She plans, edits and writes primarily for fashion and culture magazines.In 2020, The independent magazine “RISIKO” was launched to introduce the current state of the underground music scene in Germany, and in August it released its first preliminary issue, “Issue 0”.For the first issue, which is currently in production, she has selected 30 musicians from Germany, including Krautrock, Neue Deutsche Welle, Hamburger Schulle and others, who are living in Germany today, for the theme of “WALL. She will unravel the current scene through their words. Instagram:@risikomagazine www.yukikoyamane.com and has been working as a writer since 2016. She mainly writes for fashion and culture magazines. This year, she plans to launch an independent magazine, “RISIKO”, which will focus on the underground music scene in Germany. The theme of this memorable first issue is “WALL” and it will unravel the current scene through the words of 30 musicians living in Germany, from Krautrock bands such as CAN and NEU. Instagram: @risikomagazine www.yukikoyamane.com



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