Yu Nagaba’s Artwork Reincarnated into two-and-a-half Dimentional Art Piece Exclusiviely Available at TOKION

TOKION will be taking preorders for the two-and-a-half dimensional art piece made in collaboration with artist Yu Nagaba, with online ordering. The pre-order period is from July 16th at 11AM JST to August 8th at 11:59PM JST, and shipping will begin in late October. During the pre-order period, the sample of the actual art piece will be exhibited at TOKiON the STORE located in MIYASHITA PARK. Available for purchase at the price of 60,000 yen each.

For this collaboration, Nagaba has produced an artwork of a movie director and artist and morphed it into a two-and-a-half dementional art piece. With a white backboard as the base, the work is rendered with the unique, warm hand drawn lines, concisely yet deftly capturing the characteristics of the subjects.

Also, Wellington-style glasses and Boston-style sunglasses are both actually wearble. The two eyeglasses are each handmade in Sabae in Fukui prefecture, which is a city renowned for eyewear manufacturing; the right and the left lens of the sunglasses are specially made to fit into the respective frames. Ultimately, these unconventional eyeglasses were originally spawned from the artist’s hand drawn artwork. It is created into an art piece that is not only a décor but can also be donned as a fashion item for going out.

In addition, T-shirts with the artwork(5,500yen) will also be available in two different colors. They can be purchased online and at TOKiON the STORE.

Photography Shimpo Kimura
Translation Ai Kaneda



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