Tomonori Shiba

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture, 1976, Tomonori is a music journalist. After working at rockin’on, he started his freelance career and participated in numerous projects such as interviews and article writing, mainly in the fields of music and subculture. He mainly writes for media such as “AERA,” “Natalie,” “CINRA,” “MUSICA,” “Real Sound,” “Music Magazine,” “Fuji Kōron,” etcetera. He is currently in charge of writing various columns such as “Tomonori Shiba no Shinongaku” for “Nikkei MJ”, “Anime X Rock Retsuden” for “CONTINUE,” “Heisei Hit Song History” for “BOOKBANG,” and “Kokoro no Best Ten” with Dainoji’s Nobuhiko Ōtani for “CINRA.” His books include “Hitto no Hōkai” (Kodansha), “Why Did Hatsune Miku Change The World?” (Ohta Publishing), and the co-written “Shibuya Ongaku Zukan” (Ohta Publishing). Twitter:@shiba710