Manufacturing that’s easy on the environment –A collaborative collection with PUEBCO–

The way we spend time at home has changed greatly along with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Most of us are probably at home much more than usual due in part to working at home, so that means we want our space to be more comfortable—and also more functional—than ever before. To answer to these needs, TOKION has created a new set of values using recyclable and reused materials with its PUEBCO brand, as well as a series of interior decorating items that are not only wholly unique but environmentally-friendly as well.

Making people happy with materials once deemed “value-less”

PUEBCO, launched in 2007, is an interior decorating brand of simple, rugged items, as well as smaller pieces, all imbued with a unique perspective. The brand is now sold in more than 30 countries around the world, which gives you an idea of just how popular they are. A typical example of the kind of products offered is our reused-material bags. The tote bag handle is made re-using spring belts that were once found at construction sites and manufacturing plants in India. Other bags incorporate re-useable parachute fabric and dead stock belts. Because they are reused, by nature some of the fabrics may have a little bit of staining, and there are some discrepancies in size, but that’s part of what gives these products character. Most importantly, being re-used, they are good for the environment, and that’s a very positive point. The clear concept behind this unique manufacturing is the idea of incorporating materials believed to be “value-less,” and making people happy with these items at reasonable prices—that is, imbuing them with more significance than ordinary goods. These products are ideal for use as regular bags, reusable shopping bags, or even for storage at home.

AND reasonably priced

The reason PUEBCO products are so popular is more than the fact that they are made of reusable materials. Other reasons include a unique approach to manufacturing not seen in other brands—plus a reasonable price. This interior decorating brand got its start with an art object, a bird like you would find in a tourist area in the U.S. You might wonder why an interior decorating brand would be launched with a bird. But these kinds of art objects became very popular, helping the brand to grow bigger and bigger. That’s why PUEBCO is all about making the things we want to make. Other items include a sketchbook with a picture of an Indian (from India) on the cover, artsy-yet-functional pieces such as nail files and hourglasses, as well as humorous items. We offer not only unique products but also practical ones, such as folding hangers, reasonably-priced mugs, stackable mirrors, and more. This wide variety of items is yet another reason for Puebco’s popularity.

These are the kinds of things I want not only for myself, but to give as gifts as well!

These items are a collaborative project with PUEBCO, known for being unique, environmentally friendly—and reasonably priced! They are perfect for the corona shock—which we still don’t see an end to—while we are spending more time in the house. Ideal not only for a more “decorative” life for ourselves, but also as gifts for friends that we aren’t seeing right now, or for our partners, family members, and more. They’re attractive, they’ll make everyone smile, and above all they’re easy on the environment!

Photography Shinpo Kimura



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