Tadanori Yokoo collaborated with Gucci and have released a limited edition B1 poster in a TOKION frame

In the first of TOKION’s art project, TOKION will release a limited edition B1 sized poster as part of a collaboration between artists Tadanori Yokoo and GUCCI. There are two patterns of artwork created by Yokoo.

For each piece of art, yokoo freely arranged elements such as GG patterns and the Gucci brand logo. The B1-sized posters are framed in a TOKION original frame and are labelled with a unique serial number. The prints JPY180,000 and are limited to 15 copies each.

Yokoo collaged GG patterns in the two pieces that he worked on; “HANGA JUNGLE” and “Kohke.” They clearly express the fantasy of an undefined style.

The original frame can be wall-mounted, but they were designed to be placed on the floor like a standing mirror. A modern style stand is provided at the bottom and has a black satin matte finish. A handwritten edition number and the TOKION logo is on the right side of the frame.

Japan’s leading contemporary artist and his work is highly regarded across the world, collaborated with Gucci, to produce unique work that art lovers and those who are not can appreciate.

B1 posters are available for purchase at TOKIO OFFICIAL EC and TOKION the STORE at MIYASHITA PARK. 

Photography Eizo Kuzukawa



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