A sports park designed after popular Nike shoes has been completed

Introducing a new form where everyone, from adults to children, can enjoy sports.
“TOKYO SPORT PLAYGROUND SPORT x ART” designed by Nike, will open in Shin-Toyosu, Tokyo, On October 10th.
The facility, in collaboration with Mitsui Fudosan Residential, is designed with the concept of a sports park that allows all athletes (if you have a body, you are an athlete) to easily make sports part of daily life and create new sports experiences with the community. The design is inspired by Nike shoes, which are popular in Japan.

The facility is divided into six areas matching a type of sport, and the design of each area is inspired by a popular shoe from Nike’s extensive back-catalogue.

The running track around park is designed on the “Cortez,” the original Nike with a bright orange swash mark.

A variety of play equipment is available, and the area to enjoy yoga and dance is based on the popular “Waffle Trainer” running shoes.

The area with the unique jungle gym that can be approached from any direction is designed in the image of “Lava High” which gained support in the brand’s “ACG” outdoor line.

3 × 3 basketball court has an eye-catching colorful, wacky design. The Nike “Air Raids,” which were popular in the 1990’s, inspired the design.

The design of the Skate Plaza even allows wheelchair users to enjoy it, and is packed with street elements such as stairs, banks and rails. The plaza was inspired by the “SB Dunk” as you can see from the coloring.

The popular “Air Max 95” design has been dropped onto the raised rest area overlooking the facility.

Some of the materials on the facility’s floor are made of Nike Grind. Nike Grind is one of Nike’s sustainable initiatives considered for global environment, which is made by recycling surplus manufacturing materials and athletic footwear.
Why not try to add sport into your lifestyle, especially now as we have more time at home?

Address: Tokyo Koto-ku Toyosu 6-4-1
Time: 15:00~21:00 (Weekdays), 10:00~21:00 (Saturdays・Sundays・Holidays) ※Pre-registration from the NIKE app



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