Oracle, a new exhibition by Kohei Nawa. A homage to “Kasuga Shinrokusha Rizushi” from the Kamakura period

Sculptor Kohei Nawa will hold a solo exhibition “Oracle” at the Gyre Gallery in Omotesando, Tokyo. The exhibition will be held from October 23 to January 31, 2021.  

In this solo exhibition, Nawa continues to work at the studio “SANDWICH” in Fushimi, Kyoto, which celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. This solo exhibition announces “Trans-Sacred Deer (g/p_cloud_agyo)” (commonly known as Unga) with wood carved lacquer foil as a tribute to the “Kasuga Shinrokusha Rizushi” of the Kamakura period. The project came from Nawa’s involvement for the past few years in the revival of traditional crafts in Kyoto. Due to the current foreign travel restrictions, he’s been experimenting a lot since there’s been more time to spend in the studio.

This time, in addition to paints with complex multi-textured mediums such as paints, oils, and oil paints, the exhibit will also include pieces using fog and UV lasers.

The Centennial Celebration of the Establishment of Meiji Jingu will be held at the same time as the solo exhibition. A White Deer (Meiji Jingu) is displayed in front of the Meiji Jingu Museum, and Ho-Oh (Chinese pheonix) made with the same wood carving lacquer foil finish as Unga is displayed at The Nanjinmon Gate in front of the main shrine. You can enjoy a series of sculptures from the main shrine to Omotesando and draw hope for the future.

Date: October 23 – January 31, 2021
Venue: Gyre Gallery
Address: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 5-10-1 GYRE 3F
Time: 11:00 – 20:00
Admission: Free



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