TOKION x YOSHIROTTEN Limited Pottery Collection Available Now

YOSHIROTTEN constructs an extraordinary worldview through graphic design, spatial design and video direction. His futuristic worldview is highly lauded both in Japan and abroad, and there are many fervent fans of his ingenious creations.

The pottery collection with the designs that the worldwide artist YOSHIROTTEN has provided just for TOKION, which is the second collaboration since last year, has launched from April 30th at TOKION’s official online store.

The Japanese tradition and neo-future coexisting in the pottery collection

TOKION x YOSHIROTTEN pottery collection. Clockwise from top left: Large plate 4,950yen, soba cup 2,640yen, medium plate 2,750yen, small plate 2,200yen

These plates that are crafted with the traditional techniques of Arita ware are available in four different kinds, including a soba cup and a small plate, which are wholly selected by soba-lover YOSHIROTTEN, who travels all over Japan just for soba; and come in two different colors: grey and Japanese traditional color vermillion. Every porcelain features YOSHIROTTEN’s unique and eye catching neo-futuristic design.

TOKION x YOSHIROTTEN pottery collection. Clockwise from top left: Large plate 4,950yen, soba cup 2,640yen, medium plate 2,750yen, small plate 2,200yen

YOSHIROTTEN has kindly commented on the release: “I love soba and everything about it including the atmosphere of soba restaurants, plates, and steam from hot soba water—so I was happy to produce the collection. Under the theme of ‘new types of souvenir from Tokyo’, I drew the three-dimensional graphics as the neo-futuristic versions of the inspiring traditional Japanese patterns such as Ichimatsu and pine bark patterns.”

The collection is exclusively available at TOKiON the STORE and TOKION’s official online store. Also, make sure to check out the T-shirt and long sleeve T-shirt reproduced and released along with the collection.

※Following the business closure requests to prevent the further spread of novel coronavirus, until further notice, ‘TOKiON the STORE’ will be temporarily closed―so, please visit our online store to purchase the products.

Graphic artist-cum-art director. Representative of Creative Studio YAR. A creator who not only does graphic designing but represents the next generation as he provides creative direction under a single unified worldview for various things from spaces to images.

Photography & Movie Kodai Ikemitsu
Hair & Make up Taro Yoshida(W)
Nail Miho Miyakawa
Model Kanon Hara(mille management)
Cooperation Azumino(Azumino in Sangenjyaya)

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