WACK which includes such member acts as BiSH and Mameshiba No Taigun puts on an exhibition A total of 41 artists contribute to the creation of the ‘‘SCHOOL OF WACK’

The production company, WACK, which hosts such Idol groups as BiSH, Empire, and Mameshiba No Taigun is putting its first ‘SCHOOL OF WACK’ exhibition made up of 41 artists on the 4th floor of Shibuya’s Parco ‘Parco Museum Tokyo’. *The entrance tickets have already all sold out and only online streaming is possible for the event. 

BiSH members. From the left-Ayuni D, Lingling, Cent Chihiro Chicchi, Hashiyasume Atsuko, Aina The End, Momoko Gumi Company

The 6 members of BiSH held a press conference concerning the holding of this event. When asked about points of interest for the exhibition the members responded with various comments such as, ‘I liked the graffiti written in paint on the classroom walls. Everyone drew whatever they wanted to draw making it into the wildest and certainly most unique classroom ever.’ (Ayuni D), ‘In the lockers where we could put our personal items that held special memories of our student days, I put in my pink school backpack <Randoseru>. I have always loved the color pink and was even called ‘Pink woman’ by everyone when I was in school.’, (Lingling), ‘In the <Fine Arts Room> there is a collage of all our faces on display and I think my face came out looking really good. I would love it if you would take a look.’ (Cent Chihiro Chicchi, hereafter referred to as Chicchi), ‘The exhibit I would recommend are the costumes in the lockers located in the <Changing room>. Since these costumes are ones that have actually been worn by the members of each group I would hope that people will really look closely even into the detailed sections.’ (Hashiyasume Atsuko), ‘The memorial book made for this exhibition called, <The Journey> is a collection of writings by each member sending a message to themselves one year in the future all of which are written by hand. I really hope everyone will read it as it really conveys the individuality of each of the members.’ (Aina The End), ‘I also wrote in <The Journey> and because I wanted to convey my feelings as sincerely as possible I actually re-wrote my entry 2 times. I am sure that it will be a lot of fun to read how things actually turn out after 1 year has passed. We can all compare our results.’ (Momoko Gumi Company) When asked for a comment for the fans, Chicchi stated that, “This event is packed full of WACK”.’ And she further said, ‘I hope that the fans will enjoy the event both in person and through the online streaming service.’

Based on the concept of the ‘SCHOOL OF WACK’, this exhibition aims to give fans a real grasp on the charm and attractiveness of the groups and members that are under the WACK umbrella with various exhibits that revolve around themes such as the ‘Principal’s office’, the ‘Fine Arts room’, the ‘Computer study room’, the ‘Changing room’, the ‘Classroom’, the ‘Purchasing club room’ and other similar ideas. Throughout the event on a daily basis a member of WACK production will appear in person and at random at the ‘Classroom’ that has been created on the event grounds which will be covered through an online streaming service as well. One of the fun aspects of this is that just what member will appear on any said day is kept a secret lending suspense to the event. Regarding the online streaming service, Chicchi said, ‘It’s amazing for just 500-yen per day you can watch what WACK member will make a secret appearance, and play games so I think they will be able to see our facial expressions in an honest and realistic way’. 

n addition to a wide variety of absolutely essential fan goods generated at this exhibition including items on sale at the ‘Purchasing club room’ like student IDs, bromide photographs, student study notebooks and hengao T-shirts all using photographs of the members taken at the schools they actually attend, as well as a training jersey made in collaboration with Adidas. They will also have on sale copies of the memorial book, ‘The Journey’ which is a collection of essays written by the members to themselves and how they will be 1 year in the future. Also, some of the memorial products from the exhibition are scheduled to be available for purchase online following the conclusion of the event. And what is more is that at the cafe, ‘ComMunE’ located on the 10th floor of Shibuya Parco original shaved ice creations thought up and produced by the members will also be on sale. 

WACK was established in August of 2014 by music producer, Watanabe Shunnosuke. Beginning with BiSH and their catch phrase of being, ‘a punk band that doesn’t have musical instruments’, they feature a wide range of bands including Mameshiba No Taigun who were formed as an Idol band on TBS’s variety show, ‘Suiyou no Downtown’ as well as EMPiRE, BiS, Wagg, CARRY LOOSE, GO TO THE BEDS, and PARADISES. 

Date: August 21 ~ 3
Address: Shibuya PARCO 4F, Udagawa-cho 15-1, Shibuya-ward, Tokyo
Time: 11:00 ~ 21:00
Admission: JPY2,000 (tax included) *Sold out

SCHOOL OF WACK online streaming 
Appearance time: 11:15 ~ 20:30 
Streaming method: The video streaming service, (Streaming+), provides online streaming through a ticket purchase system 
Access fee: JPY500 per day (tax included)



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