TOKION And NOWHAW’s Collaboration Pajamas On Sale From April 16th — A Set Of Short Pants And A Long-Sleeve Top, Including a Matching Tote Bag

“NOWHAW” is a pajama brand based around the concept of building a “new, unpredictable, and surprising holiday and world.” The pajamas produced by designer Kotaro Togawa and his wife and producer Chuuson have gained popularity for their playful and conceptual designs while pursuing comfort and functionality.

The collaboration item born from the conversation between Togawa and TOKION curator Daisuke Gemma will be on sale from April 16th. The price is ¥37,400, and the item will be available at MIYASHITA PARK’s “TOKiON the STORE” and TOKION’s official online store.

The model name is tokion. This model features a set of short pants and a long-sleeve top, made to easily adjust your look depending on the weather of the coming season. The set also includes a bag made from the same material as the pajamas, designed to be the same size as the L-size plastic shopping bags of the NOWHAW family favorite supermarket, perfect for shopping or going to a sentō. Compared to NOWHAW’s other lines, the jacket has a looser width and larger armholes, and the shorts have wider hips, resulting in a more relaxed silhouette. The items are all 100% made of natural cotton (piping excluded), with a great feel on the skin. There are three different variations. The navy and Elliot tartan check flannel fabrics are washed to give them a softer texture. The refreshing blue and white striped pajamas are woven with fine count yarn at a high density, resulting in impressive flexibility and smoothness, perfectioned by the elegant luster of the satin fabric. All variations are designed for comfort.

With rounded open collars and pipings, the items are designed to be “pajama-esque,” although full of NOWHAW’s ideas combining design and functionality: one of the best traits is the Chinese-style jacket-like fastener which uses a covered button for an easier fastening. The large pockets on both sides of the jacket can comfortably fit paperback books and comics, making them easy to use and accentuating the appearance; the short pants’ pockets on both sides, as well as the back right pocket, are also made to be deeper. Like other NOWHAW pajamas, the item features belt loops to hang your keys, a secret pocket behind the collar, and the phosphorescent name label that makes the outfit easier to find in the dark after taking it off. These pajamas are perfect to be worn both at home and for a little outing to the neighborhood.

Model Tina Koyama, Simon Hunt
Photography Ryusei Sugimoto
Styling Hiromi Mori
Hair & Make up Arina Nishi
Translation Leandro Di Rosa

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