Infinite possibilities of “Matcha”: the watchword of J-beauty trend in Western countries.

Matcha, popular in Europe and the United States, has now transcended trends and has become one of the regular drinks in cafes. It is known by the name “Matcha” to distinguish it from “Green Tea,” and the export amount of Japanese tea has quadrupled in the past ten years due to the influence of the Japanese food trend. In addition to its unique flavor, the beauty industry has brought out the new appeal of matcha, which is considered one of the reasons for its growing popularity. Matcha is effective not only for drinking but also for external approaches, is beginning to be applied to various products. 

 “MATCHA Magic Super-Antioxidant Mask”

One of the best-selling products of the plant-based skincare brand “Boscia,” established in the United States in 2002, is an antioxidant mask called “MATCHA Magic Super-Antioxidant Mask.” The main ingredient is high-grade matcha green tea that helps to revive stressed and tired skin, absorb excess oil and minimize the appearance of redness all the while helping to fight free radical damage. Currently, the daughter of its founder, Lan Belinky, is the co-creator and general manager of Boscia. “My family moved to the United States so my Japanese father and Boscia founder could realize his dream of bringing Japanese-influenced skincare stateside and Boscia was born when I was a teenager. Mesmerized by my grandmother’s meticulous 6-step beauty ritual and my aunt’s unique product application practices. Since I live in the United States, I always, always held close my Japanese roots.” The name is derived from plants (BŌ) and science (SHA). It is working to create products that maximize the effects of plants by fusing excellent ingredients with the latest scientific technology. She attributes much of her contributions to Boscia’s growth to her biculturality with its first collections (Tsubaki, Sake and Charcoal) all inspired by her Japanese heritage. Now Boscia pays attention to the antioxidant effect of matcha. “Detoxify, decongest and de-stress your skin with the antioxidant power of matcha,” she said. 

 “Green Ceremony Cleanser”

The organic skincare brand “Odacité” from California has created a facial cleanser using matcha. An eye-catching facial cleanser called “Green Ceremony Cleanser” is a powder-to-foam cleanser made by adding a few drops of water that removes dirt and pollutants while re-energizing tired complexions. “The idea of Green Ceremony Cleanser was born when I was invited to the Tea Ceremony in Kyoto,” said the founder and CEO Valérie Grandury, “In the traditional tea ceremony experience, I learned about the different grades of matcha, including the highest grade of matcha known as Ceremonial Grade. Used for the ceremony and drank exclusively by monks before meditation, this matcha has the highest concentration of Chlorophyll and is the base of Green Ceremony Cleanser. I was also impressed by the four founding principles of the Japanese tea ceremony: Purity, Respect, Harmony and Tranquility.” High-purity Chlorophyll content improves the appearance of breakout-prone skin while illuminating dull complexions. The gentle foam derived from Coconuts respects the delicate skin barrier, so skin feels fresh and never tight. The harmony of matcha and spirulina offers potent antioxidants to help maintain youthful-looking skin. Massaging the skin with a gentle baby foam brings calm to the skin and mind. Having overcome breast cancer, Grandury woke up to the well-being and began producing products particularly about high-purity ingredients. Born and raised in France and based in California, she is inspired by nature and different cultures to develop skin and eco-friendly cosmetological products.

Maison Margiela Replica Fragrance
 “Matcha Meditation” 

The scent of matcha brings peace to the heart with nostalgia and warmth. The relaxing effect of matcha given by the sense of smell may not be felt only by the Japanese. Increasingly, the comfort and healing of fragrant matcha are applied to fragrances. “Maison Margiela Replica Fragrance” launched in June 2021 “Matcha Meditation” that reproduces the memories of Japan. The elegant and plump scent of matcha is combined with the gorgeous and fresh bouquet of bergamot and orange flowers. On a calm afternoon, you can imagine a quiet time with a warm matcha bowl and a smooth foam.  The scent of matcha reminds you of a moment of meditation.

Le Labo
“Matcha 26 eau de parfum”

In October, the New York-born fragrance brand “Le Labo” launched with a scent inspired by matcha. “Matcha 26 eau de parfum” is a matcha accord that blends into the creamy fig scent, with a hint of soothing vetiver and cedarwood and an uplifting bitter orange. Delicate, gentle, woody and fresh scent. “It is a moment of introspection, a moment of self that offers a quiet inner celebration of grace and soulful beauty. A simple whiff takes us away from the hum of the outside and brings us back in,” they wrote on the official website. 

Matcha, cultivated in Japan for a long time, has taken off to the world and integrated into different cultures. As a result, its value is much more than just a drink, it has begun to be discovered from a new perspective. The synergistic effect of the J-beauty trend in Europe and the United States is likely to unlock the unknown potential of matcha further.


Elie Inoue

Paris-based journalist, born in Osaka, Japan, in 1989. Having a dream of living abroad since she took a trip to Europe with her mother when she was 12 years old. After graduating from Mukogawa Women’s University, she started living in New York City and gained experience as a fashion journalist and coordinator.The more involved in fashion, the more she was strongly drawn to European fashion culture and history, then she moved into Paris in 2016. Currently, she has been covering fashion weeks in various cities, interviews with fashion designers, as well as working on lifestyle, culture, and politics.